About the RBTCR

About the RBTCR

The registry is a database collecting basic information and materials from patients with rare brain tumors, such as ATRT, PNET and ETANTR. These include the patients’ medical history, imaging (MRI or CT), and any available hisopathology. The registry is run by an international network of experts studying and treating rare brain tumors. The data collected form a research continuum from basic biology to clinical practice to address our primary goals of:

- Better understanding the biology of rare childhood brain tumors

- Developing more effective therapies

- Developing new approaches to diagnosis, response assessment and multidisciplinary treatment and follow-up that will improve patient outcomes

The long-term goal of the registry is to establish and maintain a highly collaborative, international, hypothesis-driven research infrastructure that can support a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary and translational projects related to rare brain tumors