Biospecimen Collection

Biospecimen Collection

RBTCR encourages input from leaders across the brain tumor research community to contribute human biospecimens for research purpose.

Biospecimens that we collect include fresh and frozen tumor tissues, CSF, tissue block and slides, cell lines, blood, DNA and RNA.

Using these samples, we aim to:

• Identify and validate ways to deliver drugs or agents to specific cells

• Identify how diseases progress and vary

• Group patients as more or less likely to respond to specific drugs

• Group patients to determine which treatment is appropriate

• Develop screening tests to detect biomarkers that are associated with certain stages or sub-types of rare pediatric brain tumours

The mission of the RBTCR biorepository is to coordinate efforts to improve the availability and quality of human specimens needed for research in rare pediatric brain tumors. RBTCR follows the ethical policy guidelines that govern the collection and use of human biological specimens and associated data in our biobank. The ongoing goal is to facilitate the sharing of bioresources while protecting the subjects from whom the specimens and data are obtained. Feel free to contact us for more information if you wish to contribute to our biobank. All contributions are valuable and welcomed.