Join the registry

How to join the registry?

To participate in the registry you must be at least 18 years of age or the parent or legal guardian of child (aged 0-18 years) who has a diagnosis of a rare brain tumor. If you choose to register with the RBTCR you will be asked to

1. Fill and submit the intake information form for your child

2. You can provide contact information to your doctor for the RBTCR, so they may initiate the process themselves

3. You will receive confirmation of registration and information shared by you or your doctor and any biomaterials related to your child that has been submitted to the RBTCR once the process has been completed

4. Once information for your child is submitted, the RBTCR will not provide any information to you or any other interested parties (including medical professional) directly

5. Any request for information or change in information will need to be made through the medical professional who originally submitted or is responsible for the submitted information of specific patients

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