Your Privacy

Keeping your child's information private

Once registered in the RBTCR, your child and all information associated with your child will be anonymized and assigned a case number. Your child’s doctor will be assigned a password to access and enter all information into the RBTCR through a secure web-page. Although other doctors and scientists may have access to medical information about your child, they will only be able to identify your child by a case number and will have no knowledge about the identity of your child or your family. Only your doctor and authorized RBTCR staff will be able to see the personal and medical information of your child and your family together.

All information collected by the RBTCR will be stored in a secure computer system at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada for an indefinite amount of time. The computer system can only be accessed by doctors through a secure internet connection. Information cannot be transferred out of the computer system except through a hospital-approved encryption or coded process that meets all provincial and national security and ethics guidelines.

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